Member Research is a custom-market research firm specializing in meeting the unique needs of Credit Unions nationwide for over 32 years. Our surveys measure the perceptions and satisfaction levels of Credit Union members, non-members and employees. Member Research specializes in professional, quick-to-read and cost-effective reports to help Credit Union managers make wise decisions and better meet their members’ needs.

These reports provide unbiased, numerically quantified measurements to guide marketing programs, strategic planning, communications, quality measurement, incentive programs and more. From design to implementation, from preparation to completion, our objective at Member Research is to continually provide the most relevant, actionable and meaningful reports available.

Member Research Updates
Top-Rated New Credit Union Products/Services
Throughout 2020, Credit Unions surveyed their members to rate member interest level (“Very Interested”, “Somewhat Interested” or “Not Interested”) in specific new products and services. The products/services that received the highest percentage of responses as “Very Interested” were: Mobile Check … Continue reading

Affordable Online Surveys Customized for your Credit Union
Pulse Online is specifically designed to provide online research that is both customizable and affordable. Credit unions can now maximize limited research dollars with cost-effective, customizable options that allow them to choose only the options that meet their specific needs. … Continue reading