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Our Philosophy

Member Research has six guiding principles that are prevalent in all of our reports.

Actionable Information:  If research cannot be used or applied, it represents squandered resources.  All Member Research surveys are designed with utility in mind, and focus on questions and information that are actionable.  These studies are designed to do more that sit on the shelf.  The surveys are created to be read, understood and acted upon.

Peer Comparisons:  Wherever possible, Member Research surveys and reports combine the benefits of primary research with secondary research information not available anywhere else. MR reports come with individual results and industry composite from reference.  We like to think of it as the “curve” in a classroom grading scale: it provides the means to better understand our individual credit union members’ responses.

Trend Analysis:  Many, if not most, larger credit unions engage in a general membership survey every few years.  Such occasional research can be highly informative in the short term. Only on-going research, however, allows for tracking and reporting of trends, and maintains an assessment of members’ perceptions on a current basis (few credit union executives, for example, would be comfortable making lending or promotional decisions based on 3-year-old information.) MR reports succinctly and graphically report trends – on both a credit union’s individual results, as well as the industry (participants’ composite) as a whole.

Graphs and Charts:  Tables are vital elements of research reports. If serious number crunching is required, tables are a must. Member Research always provides complete tables; however, we also use an extensive array of graphs and charts to tell a visual story that helps bring information to life.

Quick-to-Read, Easy-to-Understand Reports:  Many research reports available today can be cumbersome and overwhelming. The MR report is designed so that every page tells a story, and any credit union executive, board member, or employee will find the results simple to understand, interesting, and compelling.

Ease of implementation:  Member Research delivers professional, first-quality reports in turn-key fashion.  Before each survey we ask for your specifications for customization, if desired, as well as obtaining your random list of names, envelopes, and a deposit. After these few simple steps, MR handles all the details.

Meeting the Needs of Credit Unions

Member Research was created to be unique – to fill a need and meet requirements that no other credit union research firm provides.  In 1988, Member Research introduced its unique Member Perception Study, a study that offered peer comparisons and trend analyses. Many of the original credit unions still participate 32 years later.

Today, we now offer a wide range of research products designed to meet an extensive array of research needs. Our list of products and services includes:

Member Perception Surveys
Pulse Transaction Studies
Segmentation Comparison Studies
Non-Member Study
Employee Perception Comparison Studies
Employee Job Satisfaction Studies
Online Surveys
Custom Surveys
On-site Presentations
Cross-Tabulations of Data
Tabulation Services

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