Member Perception Survey

This general overview survey measures the perceptions and satisfaction levels of credit union members, as well as where, why and how much business members are doing elsewhere; marketing effectiveness, technology issues, account access, new and existing product testing and more. Upon completion of the survey, you receive a report that includes actionable information, peer comparisons, and trend analyses. These professional, quick-to-read, and cost-effective reports help credit union managers make wise decisions and better meet their members’ needs.


Pulse Transaction Studies

While our Member Perception Studies help you monitor the “big picture,” our Focus Study surveys help monitor the details. The Focus Study Program consists of single, short, transaction-based surveys that help you track and improve your service quality by product, department … even individual. You may choose to focus on your loan department, tellers, phone center, or any other department or transaction your credit union wishes to better manage and improve.


Segmentation Comparison Study

This is a concurrent analysis which complements your Member Perception Study. It compares the perceptions of specific groups of members to your general membership. It can help you enhance your strategic planning, better market your products, and more effectively position your credit union. As an example, knowing the unique needs of high-balanced or high-usage members may be vital to your credit union’s future. Unlike other research producers, we allow you to choose and customize the segments of greatest interest.


Non-Member Sales Study

This program provides both critical business development information as well as actual new member “leads” in a single, cost-effective, fast-payback program. Non-members are asked where they do business, why, their satisfaction levels and more in this fully-customized program. They are also typically asked why they have not joined the credit union and if they were aware of their credit union eligibility. (Ideally, for added insights, results are presented side-by-side with a concurrent General Member Perception Study.) At the conclusion of the call, the non-member is invited to join or find out more information about the credit union. The program is thus a fact-finding and business development tool.


Employee Perception Comparison Study

This is a concurrent study which is designed to complement the Member Perception Study. This program helps you understand and compare what your employees think … with what your employees think your members think … with your members’ actual perceptions of service, quality, the competition and more. Your employees’ perceptions can dramatically impact your member service levels. Credit unions whose staff are well in-tune with their members’ perceptions tend to provide better service and have more satisfied members/owners.


Employee Job Satisfaction Study

How do your employees feel about their workplace environment, their compensation and benefits, their opportunities for advancement, communication within the organization and more? This survey addresses nine key facets of job satisfaction to help assist internal weaknesses and strengths to build on for the future. Tested with more than 10,000 implementations, the program was developed at the University of Southern Florida. Member Research has enhanced this proven program exclusively for credit unions.


Online Survey

Pulse Online is specifically designed to provide online research that is both customizable and affordable. Credit unions can now maximize limited research dollars with cost-effective, customizable options that allow them to choose only the options that meet their needs. For instance, you can choose . . .

  • For reporting delivery:  ”real-time”, on-demand, and/or at your desired frequency (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).
  • For survey development:  ”Jump Start” survey templates or “Pick & Choose” catalog of survey questions for statistically-proven questions that provide answers to common Member issues and yield higher response rates. Additionally, Member Research can help you to write custom questions to receive your desired data.
  • For report format:  choose from options that range from a streamlined dashboard format to custom detailed reports that include an executive summary.
  • For Member segmentation:  survey your general membership or target specific segments (e.g. New Members, Balance, Recent Transaction, Age).
  • For additional analysis:  perform cross tabs or “drill downs” of your data to dig deeper into your findings.
  • For trending and industry comparison:  trend data against previous reports or measure findings against industry averages.
  • For red flag notifications:  you have the option to include same-day notification of any problem areas so you can proactively respond to issues identified from Member responses.
  • For maximum response rates:  supplement a mail or phone survey  with an online segment to reach younger or more technological targets of your membership who are more likely to respond to an online survey.

With Member Research’s hallmark ease of use: you choose the options that meet your needs, we develop the program jointly to your satisfaction, you sign off, and we do the rest.


Custom Survey

Member Research can customize your research to meet your unique requirements. After evaluating your needs, Member Research will create a customized solution designed to provide the research answers that you require. Member Research employs a complete toolkit of methodologies including:

  • Mail Surveys
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Onsite Surveys
  • Online Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Intercept Programs


On-Site Results Presentation

A primary goal of Member Research is to deliver reports that lead to actions: improvement, growth, goal development or attainment. Our report format is designed to be simple-to-read, shared, and acted upon. However, for added insight, credit union managers often prefer to have the findings presented from an independent outside perspective. Member Research can help; we offer professional, action-focused presentations to staffs, management teams and/or Boards. Our goal in each presentation is not only to impart information, but to facilitate consensus on strategies and action plans.


Cross-Tabulations of Data

Member Research retains all clients’ reports in digital format. If you would like a cross-tabulation of specific segments of your data by any questions in your report(s), we can provide this service on past, current, or future studies. Member Research can also provide this valuable service on your internally-generated surveys/data as well.


Tabulation Services

Tabulating your own surveys and creating your own reports can be time-consuming and difficult. Member Research can do this for you. Our professional staff can tabulate your internal surveys and format them into one of our highly regarded, quick-to-read reports. To put our data entry and report design team to work on your internal survey(s), please call Member Research for a quote.