Top-Rated New Credit Union Products/Services

Throughout 2020, Credit Unions surveyed their members to rate member interest level (“Very Interested”, “Somewhat Interested” or “Not Interested”) in specific new products and services. The products/services that received the highest percentage of responses as “Very Interested” were:

  1. Mobile Check Deposit
  2. Online/Mobile Access to Credit Score
  3. Online/Mobile Card Controls
  4. New Credit Card Options and Rewards
  5. Emailed ATM Receipts
  6. Digital Wallets
  7. Instant Loan Approval
  8. Receive Notices/Tax Forms Electronically
  9. Account/Card Alerts via Text Message or E-mail

Knowledge is power. Knowing how you can provide specific, targeted, and relevant services to your members in a unique, and distinctly better, way is what successful marketing is based on. This is “expert power” at its apex. It keeps you a step ahead. Also, there are the dangers of not knowing… Introducing products after the opportunity has passed… Not taking action… Not keeping up with the competition… Focusing on the wrong factors or drivers.

Most Credit Unions that have consistently surveyed their members have found that their members’ needs and expectations have changed significantly over the past year. Are you responding with products or services that meet these needs?

For a full listing of the highest rated products, as well as a listing of the new products and services that received the lowest interest ratings, contact Pam Cain at (949) 756-0206 or email your request to